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Faculty (O & A-Level)

Professionals from the Top of Their Fields

Faculty members at Meritorious O & A Level are committed to providing highest quality education. They draw from years of study and experience in their fields to craft courses that develop their students’ critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, professionalism and more. Our faculty members are industry experts who share their expertise with our students thus preparing them for the challenges ahead in their lives and careers. These members of the Meritorious School Network a combination of thinkers, mentors and educators who share a common belief that personal growth and professional success of their students are reciprocal and neither of the two can be ignored.



Uzma Usman

A double MBA with majors in Marketing & Finance, Uzma Usman has an experience of more than 10 years in the field of teaching. Her forte is English Language and she teaches Grades X and XI. Apart from her teaching responsibilities, she also coordinates for Classes X and XI.


Waris Soharwardi

M.Sc. Physics, Waris Soharwardi has a rich teaching experience of more than 21 years. His subject is Physics and he teaches Grades IX, X and XI.


Prof. Amir Arshad

A Masters in Chemistry, Amir Arshad has a rich experience span of 22 years in the field of teaching. He teaches Chemistry to grade XI apart from attending his duties at the Meritorious College Campus, where he is a Principal, and Meritorious Education Center.


Zafar Mehmood

A Masters in Economics and Islamiyat, Zafar Mehmood has been teaching for 11 years at various renowned institutions. His subject is Islamiyat and he teaches grades IX and X.


Ali Assar

A Masters in Economics, Ali Assar has been in the education arena since 19 years. His subject is Economics and he teaches grades X and XI.


Amber Meher

Amber has completed her M.A, L.L.B, B.Ed and at present is completing her PhD. She has been teaching Urdu Language for 19 years and teaches grades IX and X.


Dr. Asif Saghir

A MBBS doctor, Asif Saghir has been teaching since 11 years at various well know institutions. He teaches Biology to Grades X and XI and Chemistry to Grade X.


Junaid Akhtar

Junaid Akhtar is an M.Sc in Geology as well as a CIE Trained Teacher from The British Council Robinson College, UK. He has 14 years of teaching experience at Karachi’s leading institutions and teaches History and Geography to Grades IX and X.



A Masters in Economics and a CA intermediate, Salman has 13 years of teaching experience. He teaches Accounting and Business Studies to grades X and XI and Accounting to AS and A-Level students.


Kashif Anwar

Kashif Anwar has completed his MBA and ACCA as well as DIT. He has 13 years of teaching experience and teaches Computer Studies to grades X and XI.


Kamran Abdul Salam

Kamran is an MA (Economics) and an MBA (Finance), with a strong record of classroom success. Highly seasoned and meticulous accounting teacher, he has served a variety of professional and non-professional audiences.



Naheed Malbari

Naheed is a highly qualified teacher and her PhD dissertation has been approved from two international universities. She has over 17 years of experience in teaching Masters, Bachelors and A Level students as well as a consultant in a wide variety of social science domains. Her subject is Sociology and she teaches AS and A-Level students at the Meritorious A-Level College.


Qamar Hussain

Qamar has completed his B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, his B.E in Mechanical Engineering and his M.Sc. in Applied Physics is in progress. He has 11 years of experience teaching A and O level students, as a Physics Teacher. He teaches Physics to AS and A-Level students at the Meritorious A-Level College.


Muhammad Asif Farooq

A Masters in Economics, Muhammad Asif is a highly talented Economics and Business Studies teacher with a teaching experience of more than ten years. His teaches Economics to AS and A-Level students at the Meritorious A-Level College.


Zafar Ali Khan

Zafar Ali Khan, more commonly known as ZAK., is a highly professional and experienced A-Level teacher. He has been associated with top notch educational institutions and at present is a faculty member at Nixor. ZAK has completed his MBA in MIS alongside various courses and training sessions in the field of Computer Science. He teaches Computer Science to AS and A-Level students.


Raja Shafqat Hayat

Raja Shafqat is a renowned Mathematics teacher, well known for his teaching excellence and content knowledge. He is a Masters in Mathematics and is a highly seasoned teacher who has been associated with leading educational institutions in Karachi. At present, he is a faculty member at Nixor and he teaches Mathematics to AS and A-Level students at Meritorious A-Level College.


Suhail Aziz

Suhail Aziz is a Masters in Chemistry and is currently pursuing his M. Phil in Education. He has extensive experience in the field of education and has been associated with renowned educational institutions all over Karachi. He teaches Chemistry to AS and A-Level students at Meritorious A-Level College.